Nt1210 final exam

What is a port number used for? Identify where wireless devices WAP should be placed? What is the primary function of IP protocol? It is a purely digital technology that uses fiber optic WAN links. What is a node on a network? How phones connect to internet?

What of the following does SEQ stand for? PC1 first Nt1210 final exam if the destination is on the same subnet as itself, then decides whether or not to send the packet to R1.

Which of the following is true? How do you restrict access to a specific Web site or FTP site? What enables you to use a Web site to publish files anywhere on your network?

Which of the 8 pins of RJ45 are live? Edge interneWhat of the following is found near the internet edge and provides security? Which of the following statements is true?

How do you access and see all public folders within the Exchange organization? What is a Filter What feature allows you to encrypt files that have already been compressed? The number of bits sent in a second over some link.

What are the forest FSMO roles? What is to protect the data on the computer. What is a network-encoding scheme? What causes full duplex to send and receive simultaneously?

Which of the following is true about how PC1 chooses to forward this packet? What are the Application pools created by default in IIS7? What do parentheses do in mathematical equations?

SONET provides high speed connectivity over the network. What are the 3 Roles categories?

NT1230 - Final Exam Review

What does the WIFI alliance do? What technique does cable company use to allow video and data transmission on the same Coax cable? Which of the following lists a correct match between the IP address and its class? What is Domain, Public and Private What type of authentication is used with networks that require a higher level of security?

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NT Final Exam 1. An example of something a user knows used for authentication is a _____.(1 point) retina scan thumbprint PIN signature.

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NT1210 Final

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NT Final Exam (ITT Tech) 1: What are two basic types of computers on an enterprise network? 2: What are the 3 Roles categories?

3: What are the different role services offered with the Terminal Service role in Windows Server ? 4: What are the different versions of Windows Server ? 5: What is a Virtu.

Nt1210 final exam
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